All client's treatments and details are confidential but here are some comments from some of clients who said they were happy to have their comments used.

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I've not craved a ciggie one bit!! It's better than what I experienced with the Allen Carr book and I thought that was good...
It's interesting because a few of my friends have been a bit naughty and offered me a pull of their ciggie... can you believe it!!!!
But, the best part is, I've not been in the slightest bit interested!... so then they wanted your name and details... haha... to which I got my sister to email them the link to your website :-)
How cool is that!!! Expect people ringing you soon... :-)
I've even had a friend make me hold their tobacco while they make a ciggie... obviously trying to entice me... I think it's when they see I'm not interested that they realise... I'm not budging, and that's when they get to 'how did you do it?'...
Its brilliant!!
So, anyway, I'm rambling.... Thank you so much!
I feel great... back in the gym and I even got through my party Monday evening after our session and everyone was amazed!!!! and I was drinking wine.... :-)
You're magic Chris... :-)

You take care and keep up the good work you're doing.


Phobia - a fear of dentist and injection.

Chris's methods of working with me were very adaptive and he ensured he had a full knowledge of my background situation in order to adapt his approach. He has a warm relaxed style that while keeping the client therapist relationship, ensure that you feel relaxed and confident when he is working with you. He ensured that any approach and method I found non productive was relayed to him so he could change his method to ensure the maximum benefit in the time we spent working together.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Chris to anyone seeking help through the method of hypnosis. With Chris you are assured that it is 'you ' and ' your needs' that are paramount.


Poor self image, problems with trust, confidence and anger.

I would love to give you some feedback.
I just feel like a completely different person, I am a lot calmer, and at ease with myself. I am also happily settled in a relationship and 18 weeks pregnant. Which considering I couldn't even write my own name without cringing I think is a great step forward . So thank you very much. You helped me change my views completely.


Phobia - fear of flying.

I was able to step back and view my fears as being illogical, which I was not able to do before the sessions.



It's been 5 months now since my last cigarette - I feel better, smell better and have a couple of quid extra in my pocket! I'm really happy I have given up the evil weed (with your help!) I never thought I would be able to give up smoking, that the nicotine craving would be too strong but with the help of hypnotherapy, it wasn't the ordeal I was anticipating. The first week was hard but at no point did I want to actually pick up a cigarette and smoke it. I don't know how or why but I just don't feel the need to smoke anymore.


Panic attacks.

I recently went to see Chris Calloway for Cognitive Hypnotherapy treatment, which I am glad to say was successful. I found him to be approachable, sympathetic and easy to talk to. I would gladly recommend his techniques and treatments.


Stress and confidence.

I just felt differently after leaving your session and I started to get on and deal with the problems that I had rather than just worrying about them. I found the session very helpful and would recommend you to others. Many thanks.


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