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Nicotine is the drug in tobacco which is part of the smoking addiction process. When you smoke it's the nicotine that stimulates the brain, so that when you first stop smoking you may experience cravings or irritability for a short period. Smoking and taking nicotine every day is part of your problem, it's what causes you to want a cigarette. Using a nicotine substitute like patches, nicotine chewing gum or electronic cigarettes is just a different way to get your nicotine hit without smoking an ordinary cigarette.

You can become addicted to any nicotine product and they all cost you money to buy them. In the past people have snorted tobacco in the form of snuff, chewed tobacco, smoked it in pipes, as cigarettes, cigars and roll ups. In all it's many forms, it is ingesting nicotine into the body that keeps you addicted whether you are smoking it, chewing it or sticking it on your arm.

While you carry on smoking and taking nicotine it can seem difficult to stop and you may feel something good is being taken away from you if you think about stopping. This is the illusion of smoking and addiction, when you stop smoking and taking nicotine you break that connection and you can truly gain your freedom. The truth is that there is nothing good that smoking does for you - again that is part of the illusion.

The sooner you cut down your smoking and then stop smoking altogether, the quicker you will be free from your addiction. As this is the most uncomfortable part of the process why prolong it with substitutes?

Change your smoking habit today

If you have ever struggled with temptation or addiction then you know how hard it can be to find the willpower or mindset to succeed. In control one minute, then overwhelmed and out of control the next. At times it may feel like there are different parts of your mind competing for control, your higher or wiser self who knows that smoking is unhealthy, expensive and makes you smell. The higher self wants you to stop smoking and probably led you here today to read this information.

Then there is the other part of you that wants the nicotine and wants to follow those old patterns of behaviour that are part of the problem.

Every willpower challenge is a battle between these parts of ourselves. To put the higher or wiser part of yourself in charge, you need to strengthen your system of self awareness and self control.

Here are two very effective techniques that have been proven to improve your self awareness and self control.  You can change and become much more in control of your habitual behaviour using the 'surfing the urge' and the 'mindfulness of smoking' techniques which I explain here.

1. Surfing the urge

Practice surfing the urge by paying close attention to the thoughts or feelings that you lets you know you want a cigarette. Pay attention to the urge to smoke, without trying to change it or get rid of it, be aware of how it is when you do nothing to change it. Instead of distracting yourself or hoping it will go away, get a really good idea of what it looks and feels like. What thoughts are going through your mind?

What, where and how do you feel the urge in your body? Really examine what the urge is.

Urges and craving always pass eventually whether or not you give in to them. So when you feel a strong craving, imagine the urge as a wave in the ocean. It will build in intensity, but ultimately crash and dissolve. Picture yourself riding or surfing the wave, not fighting it but also not giving in to it.

Practice surfing the urge each time you get the urge to have a cigarette. When you reach a point when you decide you are going to smoke then use the next technique 'The mindfulness of smoking'.

2. The mindfulness of smoking 

When you do smoke a cigarette, do nothing else that will distract you.

Don't talk on the phone, don't have a tea/coffee or glass of wine. Don't do it absent mindedly while you think about something else entirely. Pay attention to what you are doing, don't confuse it with the things that you enjoy. Pay full attention to smoking that cigarette, If you are watching TV or listening to music go outside or go to another room to smoke. When you smoke a cigarette be aware of every aspect of smoking that cigarette. If you do get distracted just bring your attention back to smoking the cigarette until you have finished it.

Smoking addiction is mental not physical

Earlier I said that it's the nicotine that stimulates the brain which it does but that is just part of the story. It's also your beliefs and habitual behaviour. You can start to change your habitual behaviour using these two techniques 'surfing the urge' and the 'mindfulness of smoking'.

Use these techniques daily and see how much easier it starts to become to cut back your smoking. When you know and feel confident you can 'surf the urge' it puts you in control rather than reacting unconsciously to the craving. You may find that just using these techniques are all you need to stop smoking.

Changing your beliefs . . .

The ability to know what you really want and to act on that knowledge gives you direction. When you stop smoking it often helps to have a solid reason and a goal in mind.

The beliefs that we have about ourselves and the world around us are an important aspect of what we believe we can expect to achieve.

Thousands and thousands of people, human beings just like you, have found a way to stop smoking. They have changed the way they think and act and you can too.

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